poniedziałek, 24 kwietnia 2017

Przegląd filmowy (7) - Zemsta Frajerów ( 1984 )

Zemsta Frajerów / Revenge of the Nerds

Genre: comedy, sex comedy

Director: Jeff Kanew

Script: few perverted guys

Starring: Robert Carradine, Anthony Edwards, Ted McGinley, Bernie Casey

As two friends become students their hopes for knowledge, romance and good living conditions are crushed by a gang of university's sportsmen, who do not respect anyone but themselves and constantly bully the other.
With the rest of those outcasted and called NERDS, two friends don't give up and seek a way to gain respect, to get revenge and... women of course! :)


It depends:

-  if You love the 80s - YES.
- if You want to watch a good comedy - NO.

There's really just a lot of pervertion in it but nothing funny.
There's a lot of laughs, but it's more because it's just so stupid it's funny. You know.

I'm really dissaponited with this one. I've heard about it many times, and thought it would be fun, a real classic, but it's not, it's very overrated,

It has some nice characters and casting, and beauties of course... but it's just a waste of potential.

The base for the story is somewhat ok and somewhat isn't.
I'm not really into sports, especially professional sports, so I despise sportstmen and their position in the society, which, as shown in this movies, is much much better than that of so called NERDS.

So for people who respect sportsmen it's ok, I guess. From the story point of view.

But... there's just nothing really memorable about it.

It seems old, not fresh. It seems unfunny. There's no scenes to go back to.
Maybe just the beginning. I did like the opening song. It's really catchy.

But the rest. If You're looking for comedy - don't waste Your time, there's a lot of better flicks around, and it's probably better to just rewatch some good ones.

But... if You're into 80s fashion, cars, hairstyles, that whole world that we left behind few decades ago, than You should probably watch it.